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Welcome to the White Hall Arts Academy, where students of all ages and abilities come together in arts education. Our team of professional instructors are here to nurture your aspirations and inspire you to reach you goals, whether the style is classical, jazz, pop, gospel or rock. We look forward to guiding you along your journey!
Are you new to study, or not sure which program is right for you or your child?  Contact us to learn more and discuss your interests. Private lessons are available for adults and children and may be started at any time throughout the year. Seasonal group and master classes are also available. 

I love working with my instructor! They have a great balance of technical advice and relevant experience. They make me work hard, but the time flies! I know I am improving thanks to the exercises they provides.

 - Sanai Victoria stars in many series on Netfix and Disney + including "Diary of A Future President" and "No Good Nick"

I enjoy my voice lessons very much. With every lesson I notice big improvements in my singing ability. My instructor is a very warm and skilled teacher, and the lessons are just a lot of fun.

 - Galimatias has over 1.2 Million Listeners on Spotify.


Sanai Victoria

Pianist / Actor



Singer / Songwriter

ant clemons 2023.jpg

Ant Clemons

Singer / Songwriter


Rey Fukuda

Singer / Actor

After one session I noticed improvement! The tips my coach gave me allowed me to easily hit notes that were a struggle before. I also noticed I'm able to sing longer in the studio without my voice starting to give out.

 - Ant Clemons is a Grammy Award winning songwriter for his work with Kanye West.


I was terrified to perform in public before coming to the White Hall Arts Academy. WHAA helped me build my confidence to sing on a TV show! I appreciate the LGBTQ friendly environment as well.

 - Rey Fukuda stars on the Starz hit series "Vida" which breaks barriers for LGBTQ.

Summer Session 2024.png

Summer 2024

6/15 - 7/6


Project Muszed Winter 2023.png

Summer 2024

6/15 - 7/6


Soca Jam FIt Tuesday June 2024.jpeg



$15 per class 

H.O.P.E Choir.png

Ages 7 to 70. 3:30-5:30pm



SS Spring 2021 Pink.jpeg

Ages 13 through adult. 6pm



HOPE Ensemble Nov 2023.png

Ages 9 and up. 2:00-3:30pm



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