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Janine D.
New York, NY

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Tanisha- she knows what she’s doing. I remember a saying that goes “Those who can’t do, teach” –something like that- but anyway, Tanisha, well, she both CAN DO and TEACH. She definitely knows her art and she would make sure that you learn yours too. She doesn’t just stop at teaching you how to reach the notes; she will teach you how to own the notes, that is the way she teaches music. 


I never thought I could be even more passionate about singing than I already am until I met her. The passion that she brings with her is so captivating that she will, not only involve you, but engage you in what you’re doing. Her energy during the class is just contagious, it would really make you take on the lessons with enthusiasm and glee- not a dull moment with her but also she knows just exactly how to balance it with the right amount of strictness so you would really get the lesson in your head.  Taking lessons with Tanisha is one of the best decisions I have ever made, maybe I’ll commend myself too for making that decision and if you make the same decision then I will commend you too ;p lol

Robert S.
Fountain Valley, CA

The White Hall Arts Academy will show you how to AUTHENTICALLY CONNECT with your audience in a deep down, emotional manner, and to bond with them very quickly.  Regardless of your style, musical genre, or current level of experience, Tanisha and her staff are very qualified and caring, and they will provide the direction and guidance you need to accomplish HUGE musical goals (as long as you put in the work.)  On Saturdays, this place looks almost just like Motown's "Hit Factory" did in Detroit back in the 1960's, with all kinds of talented future superstars in private sessions throughout the facility. If you want to become really great, and to master your artistic craft, this is the absolute best choice for you to do so.

I have studied at the WHAA for over 2 years. During this time I've expanded my power, range, stamina, phrasing, note-perfect pitch, and stage presence. My instructor has also kept me from damaging my chords, so I don’t have a sore throat anymore. Perhaps the most critical thing I have learned is how to AUTHENTICALLY CONNECT with audiences and form a deep bond with them during live performances.


RESULTS: Since I began at the WHAA, here are the tangible results, with no exaggeration at all:


I got to sing the Star Spangled Banner for start of a 5K road race that had 3,000 runners in it, and a very large crowd of spectators.


I have been offered weekly residency at a performance venue in North Hollywood, and also a bi-weekly residency at high-end supper club in Long Beach.


I got invited to collaborate with a well-known pianist to perform Christmas songs with her at two of her most exclusive venues. She also wants to collaborate with me to sing at weddings during the wedding season.


I’ve also received offers to co-write new material and to go into the studio to cut tracks with some artists in Orange County, even though their style and genre is very different than the direction I plan to go into. They keep constantly bugging me to sing with them.


And more. In summary, I simply can’t tell you how critical Tanisha and the WHAA have been to my development (after years of going nowhere) and how LUCKY anyone is to have her as an instructor. If she has room in her schedule to take you on as a new student, you’d better take it while you can. Even if it means driving 40 miles, you’ll never find anyone better, for sure. 

Amazing progress!!

Alan M., Long Beach, CA

Tanisha is hands down the best vocal coach not only with her knowledge of music and voice but with her willingness to go above and beyond to help her students. She has given me great progress in such a short amount of time, and even takes time out of her day to help me when I need it. Tanisha not only helps build a good singing voice but also gives direction on how to turn it into a career!



Paige M., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

This is a great school .. i go here for vocal training... Tanisha is amazing and helped me do things with my voice i thought i couldn't  achieve. I drive about an hour to go so its OBVIOUSLY shows its worth it...  :)



Toni P., Compton, CA

I LOVE Tanisha & WHAA! Some time ago I'd lost some of my vocal range due to an illness, and had struggled for years to do something that was as natural to me as breathing. I had gone to many vocal coaches before, but none of them where able to tell me why I lost my range and how to fix the problem.  Well I met Tanisha and she changed my life. She was able to explain to me what happened and since I have been going to her, I have gained an octave back. 
I am a true follower of Tanisha & WHAA!



Crista B., Los Angeles, CA

I am definitely a very honest person and I always give great feedback when needed. This school and the teachers need it. I have always had a desire to sing coming from a performing arts career singing ways my biggest challenge, so I looked for vocal teachers and found White Hall Academy/ Tanisha Hall. She is fabulous, determine to help you succeed, caring and talented not only did I find a teacher I found a friend and a helping hand to my career. Tanisha helped me over come obstacles that I struggled with within my voice and confidence. I would recommend serious people who are dedicated to be a true vocalist go to see Tanisha Hall. She helps beginners like me find the voice within. She helped me understand that I can be just as great as some of the master vocalist. Thanks Tanisha for all you do to help reach my goals! Crista



Dawn O.,  Redondo Beach, CA

I actually came here first because of a Groupon!  I'd been struggling with some vocal issues and was a little hesitant to try singing lessons, but at a certain point, I decided that I would try absolutely anything that might help, so I signed up for some lessons.  That was over 6 months ago, and I am happy to say that I have definitely noticed that my voice has improved.  Tanisha is very positive, energetic and thoughtful teacher and I'm grateful for all of her help. She's also very kind and accepts students at whatever level they are at.  Plus, she also has an absolutely amazing voice herself, so that's pretty inspirational, too!   I would definitely recommend White Hall Arts to anyone who wants to improve their voice.



Isabella P., Los Angeles, CA

I've been attending this school since they started! I loooove it! I could't have asked for anything better! I've been taking vocal and piano lessons for more than a year now, and I'm not planning on stopping anytime soon. My vocal coach at the WHAA helped me develop (and find!) my voice with her honest and constructive advice. They definitely push you to be your very best! I recommend this academy 100%!!



Ms Brenda D.   Inglewood, CA

White Hall Arts Academy, is the best kept secret in the neighborhood, if you want to properly learn how to sing, dance, act or play an instrument , this is the place for you. The atmosphere is amazing, the cast along with the founder and owner are warm and care for your success. If you really want the best for get about the rest and call W.H.A.A. for an appointment. Once you go there you will stay there for it is old school love and caring, with new school techniques and style.  I am there for the long haul. It's  unbelievable, of the things I've learn to do with my voice that I didn't  know how to before taking a class. Ms. Tanisha is on point, serious, and a delight to learn from. Plus she is a treasure of a young lady to know. take my word, call in now for your appointment.



JP R., La Palma, CA

Tanisha is worth every minute of every lesson, every mile of the 40-minute drive, and every dime of her modest fee. My 13-year old daughter (excuse me, "about to be 14") has been taking singing lessons from Tanisha since early this year. After the first one-hour lesson, both my daughter and I walked away smiling from ear to ear. We were impressed and ecstatic, knowing that we were blessed to have literally stumbled upon someone of Tanisha's talents, personality, and passion for teaching.

Tanisha is always cheerful and pleasant and has a great sense of humor. She is honest with her criticism and encouraging at the same time. I have noticed a marked improvement in the strength of my daughter's voice and her singing confidence. Tanisha teaches my daughter how to use her voice healthfully so that she can have longevity as a singer. She teaches my daughter how to overcome voice issues, like hoarseness from having a cold, to deliver a good performance in spite of the problem. She teaches my daughter what happens when her voice doesn't come out right so my daughter knows how to recognize and correct it herself. We went from Tanisha asking my daughter "What happened that time?" when she hit a wrong note and my daughter shrugging her shoulders with a blank stare to my daughter answering with confidence, "I sang from my throat and didn't support."

Tanisha has challenged my daughter completely out of her comfort zone with great progress, and she teaches my daughter that it is ok to hit a bad note so she can learn how to fix it. She gives my daughter voice strengthening exercises to practice at home.

Tanisha is more than my daughter's vocal teacher. She teaches my daughter how to "perform" in front of a mirrored wall which is helping my daughter feel more confident singing in front of an audience. Tanisha relates to my daughter with endless funny analogies my daughter loves. My daughter looks forward to every lesson, and she respects and looks up to Tanisha as a mentor as well as vocal teacher who, by the way, has an amazing voice herself and is gifted on the piano.that

From the experience and progress that my daughter has gained with Tanisha, she is 100 times more confident with her singing than she was at the beginning of the year. Tanisha is awesome - more than we bargained for. You would be blessed to have her as a vocal teacher. We plan to start my daughter on piano lessons soon, and I'm toying with the idea of taking songwriting lessons from her.



Effective work ethic


I have been working with Tanisha for the past few months and my voice has significantly improved. Not only is Tanisha kind and patient, she is also incredibly hard working. She pushes her students to reach their full potential and, most importantly, she roots for us. Her lovely spirit and positive energy makes working with her very easy. I look forward to my sessions with her every week!



I've been with Tanisha for about 4 months now. She's been patient and extremely comfortable to work with. The best part, I've made huge progress!


I've been with Tanisha for 4 months now. When I first started working with her, I could not match low tones at all. After a couple months of working with her I made a huge progress. She never once made me feel bad and always gave me huge encouragement. She wont move on until you've perfected each step. To me this is crucial, I'm paying money to be the best singer I can be. She's always there; you never have to wait for her. I don't know what to say, other than she's pretty awesome !!



Keeps My Daughter Motivated!


Miss Tanisha has done an amazing job keeping my 6 year-old daughter motivated to learn! As a result, my daughter has made big strides in just a short amount of time. In addition, my daughter takes pride in her progress, and she willingly practices every day. Thank you, Tanisha!



Great music teacher


Tanisha is a great music teacher. She is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and motivating. She adjusted my lessons to fit my skills and I've seen vast improvement in my piano playing and singing. Highly recommend Tanisha for a music teacher.



Tanisha is a wonderful teacher & I recommend her for anyone who wants to enhance their vocal abilities!


Since I've started my singing lessons with Tanisha I've become vocally stronger and more confident in wanting to pursue singing as a career. She's a great teacher and very gifted at what she does!





Tanisha is amazing! I love that I get too work on songs I love and always critiques me when I need it. She is super fun to work with! I recommend her too anyone of all ages and musical ability! :D :D :D :D



Phenomenal piano teacher!!!!


I have taken piano and music composition lessons with Tanisha and she is very fun, understanding, and helps me learn things I never knew possible on the piano.




Toni Regin

I LOVE Tanisha & WHAA! Some time ago I'd lost some of my vocal range due to an illness, and had struggled for years to do something that was as natural to me as breathing. I had gone to many vocal coaches before, but none of them where able to tell me why I lost my range and how to fix the problem. Well I met Tanisha and she changed my life. She was able to explain to me what happened and since I have been going to her, I have gained an octave back. I am a true follower of Tanisha & WHAA!



Charyn Harris

WHAA is an amazing resource for arts education. We are lucky to have such an amazing facility in our own backyard.



Tanisha is a Great Teacher ALL AROUND! - Treasure M

I've been taking lessons from Tanisha for quite some time now and I enjoy every minute of it! I feel like every time I take a lesson, Its still challenging and I have something new to learn. Since I've started taking lessons with Tanisha, I've recently switched to Skype Lessons and they are just like she's in the room with you! Great teaching skills, easy to talk to, and a great Teacher all around! I really recommend her to anyone!



Tanisha is the best! - Clark L

I love taking classes with Tanisha. She is so talented and makes piano really fun. It's one of the highlights of my week. She and her staff are always so friendly and the place is always very clean. I cannot recommend her enough!



An Amazing Instructor - Sophie M

Definitely take classes with Tanisha - she's a wonderful instructor and equally wonderful person. You'll come out of class with improved singing skills...and spirits!



Big Improvements - Petra

I enjoy my voice lessons with Tanisha very much. With every lesson I notice big improvements in my singing ability. Tanisha is a very warm and skilled teacher, and her lessons are just a lot of fun.



Outstanding Teacher Paloma M.

Tanisha is passionate about the act of teaching. There is a positive relationship between teacher and singer. When a vocal exercise is offered, an explanation of purpose is accompanied. She makes me the singer, part of the process by explaining the purpose of each exercise. Tanisha is a dedicated teacher that guides me.



Tanisha is an Amazing teacher. Anthony C

What I love most about my lessons with Tanisha is the fact that she took time to really learn my voice. She did a great job at helping me find a range that was comfortable and exclusively fit for me! The songs that she chose for me to sing were challenging yet very possible for me to learn. In addition she made sure that we sang song that were fit for the genre I aspire to master. Tanisha is a kind and truly caring teacher. She will also push you, she gives her all in teaching sessions and she will not take anything less from you! I would proudly recommend Tanisha to anyone that aspires to enhance there singing voice!



New experience, and I'm loving every minute of it. Alexandra N

Over the past month I chose Tanisha as my instructor and I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful teacher who cares about my improvement. She knows exactly how far to push a student. The first day I went to class I was a bit nervous since it was a whole new experience but Tanisha made me feel VERY comfortable, she's very nice and honest.

She’s also very supportive and knows how to make you improve your weaknesses. She provided me with the lyrics and even chose a great song that would benefit me as a beginner. I really appreciate her teaching me and giving me her honest opinion. She really cares about her students and I would highly recommend her to anymore!! I really look up to Tanisha, she’s a very talented musician. I always look forward rehersal !



Tanisha H. is very knowledgeable and does a superior job at communicating concepts in a way that makes it easy to understand. - Karen F

Overall Tanisha is a highly valuable instructor for all ages. I really enjoy learning from Tanisha.



Fervidnerd, Enjoying every moment. 

The development of my instrument has been enhance and continues to be enhance with the techniques I have learned from Tanisha. I will say a lot of abs work, who knew. I am absolutely enjoying my lessons and happy how far my singing range has increase. I look forward for every lesson and my ability to improve.



AmandaM, Encouraging and Patient 

Tanisha is one of the best music teachers I've ever had. Her encouragement, patience, and honesty have been such a huge help for me as I continue to grow. I highly recommend her for students of all ages.



Candy, Tanisha is the best! You will absolutely love her! 

My experience with Tanisha has been fun, fulfilling, and rewarding. She really cares about the progress of her students. She reaches out to help any way she can and I truly appreciate everything she's done for me! I consider her a true friend. She's also given me great advice. She has inspired me to grow as a musician and aspiring artist...she's supportive and she has always allowed me to do what I want to do...she's there to guide me every step up the way. I highly recommend Tanisha to be anyone's instructor! She works well with people of all levels.



Karen, Tanisha H. is very knowledgeable and does a superior job at communicating concepts in a way that makes it easy to understand. 

Overall Tanisha is a highly valuable instructor for all ages. I really enjoy learning from Tanisha.



Kendall S, Tanisha is HIGHLY effective 

Tanisha is not only gifted at teaching students the music craft, but she is HIGHLY effective. My daughter has followed the advice she has given to improve her vocals and in a week's time my daughter's vocals were noticeably stronger! She is very humble and intelligent. My daughter loves working with Tanisha and looks up to her as a gifted musician. Thank you Tanisha for sharing your gift.-Kindle




Tanisha is, hands down, THE BEST. She is passionate about music and teaching I have been taking lessons for over two months now and I have learned a lot and am having a lot of fun! I look forward to signing my two daughters up this summer.



Kaecia G 

Tanisha is AHH-Mazing!!! She is The Best. She is very hands on, literally showing me where I am to sing from, ultimately helping me to understand how my body works to support my voice. THoRough should be her middle name. Thanks sooo much Tanisha.........



sylvia P

she is great. Very helpful, also professional



Ferrari F, Mother of a Student 

I am very impressed with Ms. Tanisha's ability to work with my teenager. I feel that she is genuinely interested in my teen's singing process. Ms. Tanisha is very knowledgeable, supportive and willing to be of assistance. She is great role model.
She gives accurate feedback about my teen's voice level, ability, potential, goals and expectations.

My teen: is always eager to attend the next lesson; learns new concepts and executes them in class and at home; confidence level has increased; has learned a lot about vocal anatomy and the respiratory muscles needed to sing well; is challenged at each lesson to take risk and expand her aptitude pass her comfort zone.

Ms. Tanisha ROCKS!!!



Joanne K

Tanisha is has superb teaching methods and made this newbie feel very comfortable and at ease.



James B, Pro!




Saralani A, Amazing!!!! 

I have always wanted to work on my voice but have been scared to. But from the first conversation with Tanisha I have felt comfortable and at ease about doing this at the age I’m at. Tanisha is a superb and brilliant teacher. She is demanding in a way that makes you want to get better and conquer the lesson at hand. She forces on your weaknesses and makes them stronger, giving you great examples on how to get better. She is amazing and I’m very blessed to have her as my teacher.



Monica W, Tanisha is doing a great job with Jordyn 

We are really happy with the progress of Jordyn's lessons. Tanisha is very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable! Jordyn really enjoys going to class each week. We look forward to the continued progress.



Robert P, A Master Instructor in ALL Areas  

I've had couple of different, high-level vocal instructors earlier in my career, but none of them were anywhere close to Tanisha's ability to deliver consistent improvement and amazing results.

Her instructional style is combination of hands-on, interactive training, along with a strong foundation of musical theory and real-world experience. She will challenge you right from the start, but in a constructive, helpful way.

Her personality is disarming and open, but always focused on making her students better, without any wasted time.

If you want to receive training that is well-rounded, effective, and personalized to your specific goals, Tanisha is DEFINITELY the instructor/coach that you need. She truly cares about your progress and development as an artist.

If I would have known her 5 years ago, I would have achieved my goals MUCH faster and saved at least $20,000 or more.

If Tanisha Hall gives you the chance to become one of her students, you should take it!!!! She'll give you what you need to achieve your goals.



Mitchell R, 

As an artist, the labels placed upon me by others have been the most damaging to my unique expression / divine potential than any other thing. One of the first things that Tanisha Hall told me was to be FEARLESS about my individuality and identity as an artist. Tanisha has birthed the perfect mix of vocal and life coaching. She inspires her students to be the best that they can be and for that I am forever grateful.



Julia C, Tanisha is Great!  

I love working with Tanisha! She has a great balance of technical advice and relevant experience. She makes me work hard, but the time flies! I know I am improving thanks to the exercises she provides.



Caroline Y, Great   

Tanisha is an awesome instructor filled with positive, radiant energy that encourages me. As a beginner, it was very important for me to have someone who's patient and knows how to provide constructive criticism. She does both equally and I really appreciate her for that!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend Tanisha; you will truly have a rewarding experience with her.



Cynthia A, 

Tanisha is a great instructor and she works well with Kai. Kai is has learned a lot in a short period of time.



Lisa W,  

Tanisha is absolutely amazing! I have had Personal 10 sessions with her and enjoyed the great experience. She has the ability to communicate effectively and listen attentively, assisting in achieving your personal goals...GREAT EXPERIENCE! She is also, the vocal coach and piano instructor for my 11 year old daughter. Since working with Tanisha, my daughter has improved both her range and her vocal quality. My daughter enjoys and looks forward to her weekly lessons. She communicates with children effectively in a positive manner. We (myself/my daughter) highly recommend Tanisha. A great choice for new
or established artists. If you want to develop a powerful and unique singing voice with professional coaching from the BEST, someone who truly cares.




Tanisha helped me develop (and find!) my voice with her honest and constructive advice. Her hands on experience in the music industry gives you invaluable perspective and insight. She pushes you to be your very best, no excuses. She is both a great person and vocal coach!



Cora M, Tanisha Rocks!  

Tanisha is an incredible teacher. She is patient, kind, concerned, and knows how to cut through the crap. The creative learning foundation that Tanisha is establishing with my daughter will serve her well throughout her life, in that Tanisha teaches the importance of a good work ethic, hardwork, and practice, practice, practice - and she does it all with with humor and encouragement. It took a few teachers to find Tanisha, but I'm so glad we did.



Jacenta G, Happy 

Thanks to Ms. Tanisha H. my baby girl is learning so much and I am totally satisfied. Thanks Tanisha!



Betty S, Amazing Instructor! 

I was a beginner with no singing talent. I got super lucky to find Tanisha. She is well-organized in her teaching style, knows exactly what she's doing, is very encouraging, and genuinely cares about me, her student, and creating the voice I have inside me. I'm getting better and I understand singing now! Thank you, Tanisha! Just can't wait to hear how I'm going to sing in the next month.


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