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Programs for Schools (Jamm-U)

Jamm-U is an onsite program designed to inspire and involve youth with little or no experience and minimal access to onsite instruments. This program provides guitar, vocal and music production instruction at educational and educational support centers throughout South Los Angeles and neighboring cities. Currently offered at Crete Academy, Bethune Middle School and Al Wooten Youth Center in South LA, and Bridges Preparatory Academy in Compton.


General Music

Our culturally responsive arts program offers students the opportunity to engage with music in a non-traditional way through our music production curriculum. This unique approach encourages individual creativity and autonomy, allowing students to explore and express themselves through music in a meaningful and relevant manner.

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Music Technology

The courses we offer in music technology and media arts not only reinforce fundamental music principles but also equip students with vital skills that ready them for active involvement in the creative sector.


Instrumental Music

Our instrumental instruction program offers students practical knowledge and technique specific to their chosen instrument, supported by instructors who focus on refining technical skills and building confidence in performance.

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