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Media Gallery

"Chica Mala" - Luis Armando

Acoustic Version 
Produced by Tanisha Hall

"Chrome 'In My Feelings" - Paloma Ford

 Filmed at SIR with WHAA band.

"Better Days" - Ant Clemons feat Justin Timberlake for Biden Presidential Inauguration

"Laundry Day" - Berkley Warlick

"MARSALIS" - Deinrené

"The Fire" - Arielle Martinez Cohen

Sierra Capri Interview

The Hollywood Reporter

"Bailando" - Isabella Pulido

Recorded and filmed at the WHAA

12 Days of Christmas

Featuring the WHAA families and staff.

"I Don't Know" - Meek Mill

featuring WHAA vocalist Paloma Ford

"Roar" - Ahjourney & Ajoy Turner

Recorded and filmed at the WHAA

"Concrete Jungle" - Paul Adey

WHAA Makes Music
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